Notice regarding recent cPanel licensing increase

As many are already aware, cPanel has recently increased their pricing without notice. For some cPanel customers, this meant their licensing costs for using cPanel would increase in the area of 1,500%+ which would turn overall licensing costs from hundreds of dollars into thousands of dollars immediately. For large companies with many cPanel licenses, this cost could possibly go from a few thousand dollars in monthly licensing costs to now, possibly tens of thousands in licensing costs.

Unfortunately, this price increase will force many smaller companies to close their doors as they will not be able to afford to run their operations & also pay the increased licensing cost. We'd like to make it clear that VeeroTech is not in this category & our hosting services will continue; we are not in danger of closing/shutting down. The services below will be increased on your next billing cycle accordingly. In order to ensure we can continue to provide the same level of service going forward, we must impose a small service increase to our hosting packages.

Shared hosting - including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, FTP/SSH Storage hosting, ownCloud hosting, Drupal hosting, Grav hosting & NextCloud hosting
Shared Web Hosting to increase up to $1.50 but not to exceed current list price. This means if you current plan is $4.25 and current list price is $4.95, your plan will increase by $0.70 If you plan price is $2.76, the amount will increase by $1.50.

Reseller web hosting - including legacy & current hosting plans
Reseller web hosting will increase by $3.00 and not to exceed current list price. This means if your existing reseller plan is $19.95 it will change to $22.95.

Additionally, all reseller hosting plans will have cPanel account limits effective immediately. We will make all attempts to match your account limit to our existing plans. If your current number of cPanel accounts exceeds the closest for the amount your plan is being billed for, we will reach out to you in order to work on an agreement going forward. We will have plans in place with account limits upt to 350 cPanel accounts. For reseller accounts with more than 350 cPanel accounts, we will bill additional accounts for $0.10 per cPanel in blocks of 25 cPanel accounts. Existing plans will be converted to new plans to the closest limitation on storage & price.

If you have an annual or longer plan which includes a default discount for those terms, the discount will automatically be applied still to the difference in the amount.

Managed VPS & Self Managed VPS
For Managed VPS services, licensing will be adjusted as follows based on the number of cPanel accounts you are hosting on your server(s). As we previously included the full cost of VPS licenses, we will only be adding the difference in the base license cost + each cPanel account over 100 accounts, billed at $0.10 per account. For this, we have determined the best route is to simply forward the at-cost pricing, there is no markup. New licensing once released from cPanel will be capped with a max cPanel account limit based on the license price.

  • cPanel Admin Cloud: Up to 5 cPanel accounts: +$1.50/mo total
  • cPanel Pro Cloud: Up to 30 cPanel accounts: +$6.50/mo total
  • cPanel Plus Cloud: Up to 50 cPanel accounts: +$14.00/mo total
  • cPanel Premier Cloud: Up to 100 cPanel accounts: +$21.00/mo total
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 150: Up to 150 cPanel accounts: +$26.00/mo total
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 200: Up to 200 cPanel accounts: +$31.00/mo total
  • cPanel Premier Cloud 250: Up to 250 cPanel accounts: +$36.00/mo total

If you have a VPS with 10 cPanel accounts, your license will fall under the second tier & will be billed for additional $6.50 with up to 30 cPanel accounts. If you have a VPS with 150 cPanel accounts, your new license will be billed at the top tier $21 plus $0.10 per cPanel above 100. In the case of 150 cPanel accounts, the adjusted price would be additional $26. We will be offering blocks of accounts beyond the 100 tier license to avoid sliding licensing costs each month. Blocks will be provided for $5.00 in 50 account increments. 

At this time, we are still awaiting proper implementation of capped licenses with cPanel. The above pricing implementations will begin starting in July & August 2019. For VPS licenses, your license (once implemented) will be moved to the nearest tier.

Semi-dedicated is excluded at this time

This will mark the first time since 2010 that we have increased service pricing on existing services. Based on the circumstances, cPanel has essentially forced our hand in the matter with an immediate 300%+ price increase that directly affects us. Because of this, we must impose a small service increase to our hosting plans to ensure we can continue to provide the same level of service to our customers. At this time, we do not have a replacement for cPanel as we do not feel there is a suitable control panel available at the moment. We are however, testing various options for the future.

We will begin making changes to accounts starting the week of July 1, 2019. For those with recurring PayPal subscriptions, you will need to either modify them within your PayPal accounts or recreate a new subscription upon the next invoice. If you have any questions, please feel free to open a ticket with our billing department.

You can read more about the licensing increase here:

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