Domain Options

When setting up a new account you have the choice of 3 different options shown below:

  • Hosting Only & Use My Domain
  • Register A New Domain
  • Transfer Domain Registration

Transfer my hosting to VeeroTech from another hosting provider. (most common)
This option is the most common. When choosing to use your own (existing) domain, you will proceed with purchasing hosting only and then update your nameservers, at your existing registrar, to point to us.

Register A New Domain Name
This option would register a new domain that does not exist already. For example, if you are starting a new business and do not have a domain name already and would like to register one, you can choose this option.

Transfer Domain Name Registration
This option would be chosen only if you wish to transfer an existing domain, in addition to purchasing hosting. If you have registered a domain with another registrar and would like to transfer it to us along with your hosting plan the domain must be first unlocked and you must have the EPP code.  Note: that a domain name transfer is not the same as a hosting transfer, this option refers to the domain name only.

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